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China Refractories Network is one of the projects under Sinosteel LIRR Industrial Service and Information Center, which specializes in offering information services for China's refractories industry. The center publishes technical periodicals such as Naihuo Cailiao (Refractories, a Chinese bimonthly), China's Refractories (an English quarterly) and Refractories News, as well as information books such as proceedings, translated versions, etc. The library of the center, reserving about 40 thousand copies specialty books and periodicals, is the largest refractories information center in China.
    China Refractories Network, set up in September 2002, is the earliest comprehensive website of refractories industry and has been the window for learning information and communication in refractories industry and related industries. The website can be accessed via famous search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Baidu. Lots of famous refractories companies have been our members. We have established long-term parteners relationships with lots of famous websites and consultation institutions to together build a large information resource circle.
    China Refractories Network has rich experience and strength in information service field. We provide a complete web design services, including web design, online promotion, information post and feedback. Reasonable price and precious designing, we offer refractories enterprise one effective way for your brand promotion.