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  • Leading Official
  • Dr. Li Hongxia
    Director of Refractories Branch of The Chinese Society for Metals and the President of Sinosteel Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research Co., Ltd.(also the president of ISO TC33 Committee)
  • Contact Information
  • Ms Chai Junlan
    Executive Vice Secretary-general of Refractories Branch of The Chinese Society for Metals
  • Address:
    Sinosteel Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research Co., Ltd.,
    Xiyuan Road 43, Luoyang 471039, Henan Province, P.R.China
  • Tel: +86-379-64205958
  • Fax: +86-379-64205968

Brief Introduction of Refractories Branch of the Chinese Society for Metals

The Refractories Branch, a specialized branch of The Chinese Society for Metals(CSM, a nonprofit academic organization concerned with the advancement of science and technology in metallurgical industry and materials science and engineering in China and is also an organization of Chinese scientists and engineers in these field.), is a nationwide academic organization for researchers or engineers in China's refractories field. The Refractories Branch has organized a lot of national and international activities for exchanging science and technology of refractories with different subject or topics during its 20 years development and growth, connecting the research institutes, manufacturers, as well as the executive and managing staff, and serving improvement and exchange of the science and technology, which made it a reputed nationwide organization in China's refractories industry.

The Refractories Branch has two working committees (China Refractories Youth Working Committee, and Further Education and Training Working Committee), six technical committees (Monolithic Refractories Technical Committee, Refractory Raw Materials Technical Committee, Refractories for Iron-making Technical Committee, Refractories for Steel-making Technical Committee, Refractories for Nonferrous and Metallurgy Technical Committee, and Refractories for Petrochemical and Building Materials Technical Committee).

The Refractories Branch has more than 100 group members. The Refractories Branch holds several influential academic conferences, such as China Monolithic Refractories Conference (every two years), China Refractories Youth Conference (every two years), Refractories Technology Symposium (every two years), China Refractories Academic Annual Conference and International Refractories Conference held in China (every four years).